Driving Service

Make extra money by advertising on your car.

We match great, rideshare or other high-mileage drivers to advertising campaigns.  Tell us about yourself and you could be on your way to getting paid to drive.

The best candidates drive newer vehicles long distances through populated areas during busy traffic hours, ensuring maximum exposure. To improve your chances of being considered, you'll need to:

  • Drive a minimum of 1,000 miles per month.

  • Commute through areas relevant to the advertiser's market.

  • Complete and pass a background check.

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Passion Led Us Here

How does it work?


Tell Us About You

Complete the form above and let us know your driving habits and why you are interested in joining us.


Campaign Match

When a campaign becomes available, we will notify you and schedule the wrap or signage installation.

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When the advertising campaign has ended, the wrap or signs will be removed at no cost to you.

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